Life has its own school. It teaches every single day, without any breaks. Often, it does not give clear results whether we have done successfully or we have made a mistake. Sooner or later it makes us realise that no matter how stubborn we are, no matter how we try to oppose things and complain, the rules apply to everybody from our first to our very last day here.

Be kind

This is bravery. It is much easier to answer back with aggression but you never know what kind of battle the person on the opposite side is fighting. Do not add more negative emotions to other people’s lives. Show compassion and understanding to everyone. This is how you are going to be treated someday. Unexpectedly…

Do not argue and do not quarrel

Negotiate. This means having a dialogue by using our human language. The dialogue means a compromise and acknowledging the rules, and it is the peaceful spirit that brings about the true solution to the problem. There is no complete winner or complete loser – everything is shared. A victory of this kind can only bring a short-term pleasure and a long-term disappointment.


Forgiveness is freedom. By no means do we want to say that you have to accept bad deeds as the norm. Throw away your negative thoughts and energy, and move ahead. Otherwise the offence might make you get sick.

Assert yourself

You hold the key to other people’s attitude towards you. And it is entirely in your own power to determine how people are going to treat you. Relationships are like mirrors and it is not by chance that people react in the very same way they have been treated. This is why the power is in your hands.

Life is not always fair

This is an undeniable fact and probably the most difficult life lesson to learn, no matter how long we have been in this world. Bad things happen even to good people. The important thing is how you are going to pass through these periods and what you are going to learn from them.


Expressing emotions is not a weakness. Tears are going to make you feel better. Apart from that, they are good for the heart. Irregular breathing in and out provides one of the most effective massages. So, cry freely. Especially because of happiness.

The road is the ultimate goal

Enjoy the process itself. Sometimes we are so focused on the final result that we often skip the small wonders along the way. And it is precisely these that make life an adventure which we are going to remember for a long time. Enjoy everything you encounter until you reach your final goal.

Take good care of your friendships and your love

Devote more time and attention to your friends and your loved ones. They are the ones who walk along by your side and support you when you need it. Choose the moments of closeness instead of extra work, and emotions shared with your close ones instead of professional obligations.

Do not give in to fear

Do not miss opportunities just because you are scared. Use this as a driving force that would lead you to new challenges and growth. It is much more often that a person regrets something which they haven’t tried than something they have failed.

Be good

Treat people the way you would like to be treated. There is no way for a person who provokes hatred to be rewarded with love. It is not natural. If you want people to be good to you, be good to them.

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