We have all heard of them – the superfoods and their incredible powers. Most of these energising foods could be combined with one another, or may be consumed in the form of powder. They make sure that our organism is well provided with the most important minerals, nutrients and dietary fibre. The hype surrounding these superfoods has ensured that every other type of fruit or vegetables receives the definition “super-” attached to it. In order to shed at least some light on the significance of these foods, we have gathered the ten most important ones in one place.


It is widely popular in Russia. They make buckwheat flour out of it, which they use to prepare the signature for the country blini. Buckwheat helps chiefly with high blood pressure, diabetes and varicose veins. It is a staple food and is brimming with valuable enzymes, nutrients and healthy minerals. It contains important and easily digested proteins. Because of its agreeable and slightly nutty taste, it is frequently added to different salads and soups.


No other vegetable has seen such a fabulous return as this guy over here. At the time of our grandparents, kale used to be a preferred vegetable for cooking, frying and was a wonderful side dish along with the sweet potato and bacon. It was not particularly popular and had more of a bad reputation until the traveller and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder started adding it to her green smoothie. Kale, or leaf cabbage, is rich in many indispensable nutrients: 100 grams of it is enough to cover your daily need of vitamin C and it contains as much calcium as a litre of milk. Apart from that, it is also rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial to sight, and vitamin E, which takes good care of making your skin soft.

Chia seeds

For the ancient Mayans chia seeds used to be a staple of the diet but also a remedy, or in other words – two birds with one stone. With their high contents of Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, zinc and soluble dietary fibre, those little dark seeds gained the reputation of a food with high nutrient values. It is considered that a teaspoon of chia seeds is sufficient to provide an individual with enough nutrients for 24 hours. Because they carry twice more protein than common grain foods, three times more iron than spinach and five times more calcium than milk.
Just like flax seeds, chia seeds are highly absorbent. They take care of proper digestion, relieve symptoms, connected to excess stomach acid, and maintain the balance of blood sugar levels.

Goji berries

Goji berries contain in them virtually all the most important nutrients for the human body. Even in Chinese medicine, dating back 6000 years ago, goji berries were valued for their remarkably high content of vitamins and minerals.
They are exceptionally beneficial to the eyes, their properties make them great antioxidants, which protect the skin and bones, boost the immune system and take good care of the balanced gut flora. The consumption of goji berries is also recommendable for detoxification.


The avocado is a type of fruit, not a vegetable, despite the fact that it is consumed much more in savoury dishes and it has significantly high levels of unsaturated fatty acids. The avocado contains many important vitamins, minerals and nutrients, which give us strength and keep us full for longer, while not ruining our shape at the same time.

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