The honeymoon is the ultimate time for travelling which we wouldn’t otherwise embark on. The honeymoon is the time for challenges and adventures which will make your heart beat faster. All this easily coincides with our idea of exoticism – lands and countries closer to the Equator, which in order to reach we need to change at least two flights as well as a few time and climate zones. Here are four of the most intriguing and attractive destinations for a romantic and a little more unconventional honeymoon.


The island of Zanzibar is situated quite near Africa – directly opposite the mainland part of Tanzania. Even if you have visited other tropical destinations, Zanzibar will assure you of the fact that there is always something to add to your exotic experience. The capital city on the island is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Zanzibar offers endless beaches, fabulous blue waters, electrified history and land and seascapes which you are never going to forget.


Ever since many, many years ago we saw the film The Gods Must Be Crazy, for lots of us Africa became exceptionally attractive – a genuine challenge for our dreams. The film was shot precisely in Botswana. Apart from that, you are going to find a lot of luxury resorts there, a pretty different atmosphere for a holiday and a romantic setting, withstanding any clichés.


Cuba, Havana, Varadero and the long stretches of sand are a classic dream, which you could effortlessly and spontaneously make come true during your honeymoon. With its interesting culture, the country has become a magnet for tourists who have decided to travel not only to the Caribbean, but also back in time it seems. Be prepared for experiences which are going to take your breath away, get ready for the sea that is bluer than the sky… and what else, see here.


Yes, we are aware of the fact how far Australia is – it is on the other side of the world, if not even further. And yet, why not go there for your most romantic holiday?! The Great Barrier Reef, panoramic scenery and helicopter rides, beaches as if from a postcard and heaps of challenges for raising the adrenalin levels are waiting for you there any time of the year. From all the places suggested so far, on the other hand, Australia is probably the most expensive destination and holidays from Bulgaria there vary within the boundaries of five-digit sums we do not want to think about at the moment.

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