OK, we admit it! Up until a few days ago, we didn’t know anything about the Danish city of Aarhus. Our curiosity led us to it, because in 2017 it becomes the European Capital of Culture. This year, the city is setting the cultural, as well as the culinary trends of the Old Continent.

The second biggest city in the country, situated on the peninsula of Jutland, it has long been overshadowed by Copenhagen. Probably, because it still feels like a place which only belongs to the locals. Loads of straight streets, centuries-old buildings and a university campus affirm its fame as a scenic old city, while revolutionary cooking styles and techniques, together with well-established museums, help it gain international recognition.

Unlike Copenhagen, where tourists are crowding to get a dinner at René Redzepi’s Noma, in Aarhus the culinary scene is dictated by not any less talented, but not quite as popular chefs. And the latter situation is about to change this year.

Снимка: Soren Gammelmark

Just until four years ago, the Michelin star restaurant guide didn’t get any further than Copenhagen. Today, the quaint little city, declared the European Region of Gastronomy, already has three restaurants with Michelin stars.

And the culinary success is merely one side of the coin which makes Aarhus a desirable destination in 2017. On the other side, there is the city’s potential to offer various and fascinating events throughout the year it has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture. This is the first time that one and the same city has received both titles.

Different kinds of events are being held in the entire city throughout the whole year. From ballet and art installations to interactive dinners, Aarhus is becoming a cultural explosion.

With its impressive architectural style, Moesgaard is an interactive museum, dedicated to archaeology and ethnography. Described in words, it might sound boring, but once you enter the exposition halls and walk through the exhibits on display, they appear far more intriguing.

Art lovers also have their own secluded place in Aarhus. The ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum is an art museum, brimming with permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Here you can find all the events and landmarks which the city offers to its visitors. There is much more to it than just cool places to eat and drink, or enjoy works of art. Why not include Aarhus in your travel agenda this year?

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: visitaarhus.com

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