When it is cold and gloomy outside, as it has been for the last couple of days, the only thought that soothes us is that right at this moment there are places in the world where the sun is shining brightly and the sea caresses the fine white sand. Our beach dreams lead us to one specific region on the planet, called the Riviera Maya, which is located in present-day Mexico.


In the language of the Mayas Akumal means “the place of the turtle”. So, there is nothing surprising about one of them coming around you while you are swimming in the sea. But do not touch it! This is prohibited by law. From all of Akumal’s beaches, the central one boasts fine white sand and offers all sorts of conveniences – as well on the shore as in the water. If you are fascinated with snorkelling, this is considered one of the best places in the world. You will be able to enjoy the colourful corals and the schools of fish just an hour away from Cancun.


There are ruins from the times of the Mayas standing right over the sea in Tulum. This is the next place we recommend for lying on a beach in Mexico. Apart from the delightful combination of water and sand, here you will be able to see a lot of well-preserved millennia-old archaeological sites, an underground river, roofed with stalactites, flowing through the sacred sinkholes of Labnaha Eco Park, or enjoy a dive into Cenote Dos Ojos in the middle of the forest.

Puerto Vallarta

What could a perfect holiday include? Exactly what Puerto Vallarta has to offer and you will agree with us in just a minute. Apparently, we start from the beaches which provide a number of secluded places, the exoticism of the Pacific Ocean and something that we particularly miss in March – the warmth of the summer. Apart from that, however, Puerto Vallarta is the right place for walking, shopping, tequila cocktails and enough cultural landmarks to show you the beauty of Mexico.


Another haven of tranquillity along the Caribbean coastline, including the Riviera Maya. Especially for the divers. Here you could choose between a fine sand beach or a rocky shore, which is perfect for encountering the underwater world. Cozumel is equally good for romance and for adventure. And another reason for us to recommend it so highly – the place has a year-round Caribbean climate and intense nightlife.

Playa del Carmen

Another of the Riviera’s pearls and the next stop for diving enthusiasts. But not only. White sandy beaches, just like the rest of the locations we have already mentioned, typical straw umbrellas, under which you could, without the slightest feeling of guilt, indulge a cooling cocktail, served in a scooped out pineapple. And not to forget the opportunities for shopping, golf and exploring the ancient Mayan ruins of Coba.

And because the list of Mexico’s beach beauties is just beginning with these five places, we are going to add Cancun and Acapulco, which are famous all over the world as places to create unforgettable exotic memories.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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