All admirers of culinary adventures are going to agree that the feeling you get from trying out new tastes makes life even… livelier, if we may put it this way.

This is why we are not going to overlook where the most delicious currents are heading to this year. We have collected five trends which are worth devoting at least one dinner to. Or at least one lunch.

Korean cuisine is the new master at the international food stage this year. You are probably going to be able to try it as well in sophisticated restaurants as in more laid-back places to eat all over the world. Its expansion is reaching such a mind-blowing extent that the places to include it on their menus this year have a higher chance of getting Michelin stars. What to try? Kimchi, for instance. One of the most popular side dishes. Spicy and sour, it is prepared from vegetables which have been allowed to ferment. Try also the rice cakes, or the barbeque.

Food on wheels? It sounds frightening? Not in the least! This is exactly what these tendencies are all about – provoking the perception and senses of connoisseurs and leaving time show which tastes are going to get the crown.

It actually turns out that this is the concept of five-star restaurants with sophisticated meals which are to be sold in different means of transport. Real enthusiasts already know what this is like, especially after the launch of such experiences on Japan Railways and the MS Ovation cruise ship for Royal Caribbean.

As far as drinks are concerned, all the attention this year goes to Tasmania and its liquid treasures.

Another trend which is gathering pace is the refreshing fruit and vegetable juices that are more and more frequently being served on board of Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

The world turns its head to Melbourne, as well, because according to specialists there they have the best restaurants on the planet this year.

In complete contrast to the ever more popular vegetarian and vegan diets, in 2017 the front position is taken by sea food. All those products, taken out of the depth of the sea, which could make your trips to Hawaii, Greece, Italy, British Columbia and other sea-side corners of the world truly memorable.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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