The word hygge made its way through to the ten most popular words for 2016 according to the Oxford Dictionary. Just last year there were ten titles which told in detail what the secret to happiness for Scandinavians is and how we can all benefit from it.

Despite the fact that it does not have an exact translation, hygge conveys the idea of cosiness – the collective knowledge of Nordic peoples and their way of life, which they apply to their quiet, simplistic design, filled with warmth. Here is what is hiding behind this amazingly trendy word and how we could practically apply it in our lives.

Hygge is everything that creates a soulful ambience, so that you enjoy good moments in life with your closest family and friends. Most precisely, this phenomenon could be experienced while spending time with those you love in an amiable atmosphere. In Dutch, Swedish and German there are equivalents to this word – gezellig, gemytlig, gemütlich.

What could be hygge

Family holidays, a meal with friends, reading a book, a hot bath, a knitted sweater, a scented candle, soft slippers, a bathrobe, a cup of chocolate milk, a beer, a cup of mulled wine, a fireplace, a wooden cottage, soft fabrics, wool socks, pastry – particularly cinnamon rolls.

The peak of hygge is in wintertime, when the whole family gathers for the holidays. But the Scandinavian secret to happiness may well be with you through the rest of the year – summer picnics, strolls, music festivals and everything which will provoke that inexplicable yet gratifying feeling of closeness and warmth.

How to make life more hygge

Key words here are togetherness, closeness, the ability to forgive, comfort and peace and quiet. Because of this, you have to incorporate into your life each of these elements in order to achieve your own personal hygge. Here are some tips.

Add more home accessories to your interior space – cushions, blankets, soft carpets, paintings, books, candles, plants, lamps. The warmer the light in your home, the cosier and more inviting it is going to be.

Learn to create things with your hands. This might be origami, pottery, drawing, knitting, whatever you feel like, but the most important thing is that you put love in what you create.

One more extremely important thing – you always need to have something tasty at home: pies, cookies or cakes. They do not need to look perfect, and it is going to be even better if they look homemade.

Call your relatives more often, invite them to dinner at your place and do something with your family and friends. The main secret – do not be in a hurry and thank people around you more often.

True happiness is in small things, and hygge proves this once again.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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