Sometimes even the following situation happens: you or him suddenly realise that love/trust/attraction have somehow gone away and that the best you can do is give yourselves a second chance. One without the other. It sounds tragic and it truly is so. Especially when you have been together long enough so as to refuse to accept loneliness as a natural continuation of your relationship. And yet… However hurtful a breakup might turn out to be, it is still a new beginning. And it is not something insuperable either. In the first place, we can think of four ways which can help you overcome it. Here they are…

1. Find an activity that will help you connect to your inner self

For some this could be mountain climbing, for others – meditation, some take up painting, yet others choose volunteer work… Everything that connects you to the self you have always known you are could be useful in this situation. It would be a good idea for you to run away somewhere on your own, even if it is only for a weekend (just for reference – Eat Pray Love). Only when you find who you really are and what you want, would you be able to start building up your life anew.

2. Look for a therapist

Quite seriously! During the first weeks after the breakup, talks with a professional might have a beneficial effect on your emotional balance. Particularly, if you are going to bed and waking up with your mobile phone next to your pillow, expecting that he might call and everything would be just like before. Let your friends recommend a specialist to you – somebody who will really listen to the voice of your heart and will help it heal. Start seeing a specialist twice a week and after a month switch to twice a month.

3. Seek help from relatives and friends

Definitely, letting your relatives and friends take care of you after the breakup is not the easiest thing. But surely it is the best for you. Be sincere with them and you are going to get the support you need.

Letting the others be close to you, giving you courage or taking you to dinner, or a yoga class, borders with braveness. After all, your inner world has been shaken, but you have survived, right?!

4. Listen to your favourite songs

Listen to them loudly! Endlessly! Nothing affects a broken heart as successfully as music does. Make a compilation with your favourite tracks on YouTube or Spotify and listen to it every time when sadness starts taking hold of you. Through our own experience, we know that Because of You by Kelly Clarkson and Adele’s Someone Like You can work magic with sorrow.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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