Once again, everything new is well-forgotten old. This time we are opening the dusty cabinets and we are taking out the old dinner services. The ones which bring back the memories of evenings at our grandmothers’. High-quality porcelain increases its value with time, and today the vintage trend is one of the permanent phenomena when it comes to arranging the dinner table.

There is a pinch of romance in all tableware, decorated with gentle floral motifs or even genre scenes from the life of the court or bourgeoisie. These are adorned by curving tendrils and frieze ornamentation. And if they happen to have some coats of arms or some guilt, that’s even better!

The slogan here goes: “The older, the hipper!” It could be something Victorian or Art Déco, something Provençal or even something from the beginning of the 20th century.

You don’t need to force yourself to get a whole service set. Quite the opposite, actually! The more dishes in different romantic vintage designs you include on your table, the better.

Good porcelain is, of course, complemented by appropriate textiles and accessories. Add place mats, napkins, flowers and candle holders.

The result of this combination is girlishly elegant and naturally beautiful.

If inheriting such a porcelain treasure has continued to elude you, then you could easily find it in antique shops.

In order to help you add this feeling of nostalgic cosiness to your home surroundings, most brands nowadays offer romantic vintage lines, as well. Pay special attention to the material they are made of – it must inevitably be high-quality porcelain, because otherwise you won’t be able to achieve the impression of authenticity.

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