Brick walls have been some of our favourite interior design highlights in recent years. Regardless of the different trends that come and go, they found the shortcut to our hearts. Just before illuminating them in the lights of the upcoming holidays, we felt like showing you once again their everyday splendour with these five interior design solutions.


The lights placed immediately in front of bare brick walls soften the way the walls look, they add warmth and attract our attention to this punchy combination. You could place lamps directly onto the wall itself, but this requires more additional conditions and professional help for mounting. But no matter which of the two options you choose, you are going to perform a miracle that really warms up the space.


A traditional and boundless option for decorating a bare brick wall. You could place a favourite artwork of yours in the centre or you might create an eclectic compilation from iconic images. In case you are good with the brush, then you are quite capable of leaving your own message on this part of the interior. Whatever you choose, this is the reflection of your personality and your own style.


The natural reddish hue of a brick wall is unique. Downright mesmerising and bringing a lot of warmth, indeed. But if it does not match the rest of your home at all, then you could give it quite a different appearance by painting it in a colour that would be harmonious with the other range of colours. But do not go crazy about it, it is a good idea for the bricks to retain their authentic look, especially when they have years and years of history.


Use the wall as a background for your most favourite books and magazines. You could combine them with other additional details which could be both functional and representative of your personality.

Whole areas

Design your working space or the reading area precisely by using the brick wall as a starting point. There are hundreds of options. And you may also create your own if you let your imagination wander freely through the past, present and future.

And to finish, we simply want to warm you up for the upcoming December with all the lights and holiday mood. It’s time.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova
Photos: Pinterest

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