For Sportmax, the winter is luxurious but also conventional at the same time. The outfits are absolutely ready to welcome both the snow-capped mountain peaks, as well as the icy urban concrete. The woman wearing Sportmax divides her time between New York, London, Aspen and Paris, and she adores wearing neutral colours that are typical for the men’s wardrobe. With one huge difference, however. She combines them successfully with green, red, yellow and blue. She is a fan of the growing movement of logomaniacs and not afraid to put on boots that proudly say Sportmax since 1969. Five decades dedicated to design shape up an irresistible flirtation between fashion and functionality.

The suggestions by Sportmax are literally endless. They offer different materials, different lengths, hoods that could be easily removed and put away at times when the outfit needs to transform from casual to more elegant. There is also a variety of materials. They are playing with cashmere, wool and viscose… For truly contemporary women who want everything. And want it now. We have selected the best of Sportmax’s collection, as well as the most interesting outfits from the front rows. Where, as we know, the coolest things happen.

The first row…

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Sportmax

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