A true source of inspiration, Pinterest has become a platform that sets many of the trends in interior design, fashion, photography and food. We have to admit that it is so beautiful that we sometimes wish we were living there! This is one of the convenient ways to look for inspiration for our outfit when we feel stuck in a rut. And when we need something beautiful and different, it is a little place we can run away to. We have decided to present you Pinterest’s predictions, which we trust completely. And we are quite fond of many!

Gigantic earrings

This is going to be one of the biggest trends with accessories. We could easily exaggerate the size and count on earrings being the main highlight in our outfit. Gold, silver, stones, rings – everything is welcome as long as they are bigger and more impressive than even the most gigantic earrings you have ever imagined!

Wide leg trousers

We are getting further and further away from skinny jeans and we count on trousers with wider legs. The opportunities are infinite. We wear them checked in the winter or white for the summer days. Our best friend when it comes to sneakers, for sure!

More and bolder lengths

Some of the best news for all mid-seasons. And we add a longer piece to the outfit to make it more versatile. We play with layers, we wear skirts over leggings, jeans or trousers. Unusual and super chic!


More and more slits in the new year. Legs are on display and skirts and trousers are prettier than ever. This trend is sexy and elegant at the same time, and it brings about a lot of the Parisian spirit!

Socks that will make everybody notice you

Yes, socks are some of the important details. Often underestimated, they are capable of turning even the most usual outfit into a true gem. Dotted, golden or made of different materials… socks are for genuine connoisseurs!

Shoes with decoration… and more

In 2018 our personal Carrie Bradshaw, who lies somewhere deep inside of us, is more than welcome to come to the surface. A high heel, stones, velvet, ribbons, embroidery. All eyes will be staring at shoes.

Genuine blue denim

The partner of the white T-shirt and what else not. Blue denim is a real classic. It has long become a main and indispensable part of our wardrobes. The best canvas for painting a good outfit.

Text: Thea Denolyubova

Photos: Pinterest

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