Our radar has been put on red alert after detecting an overdose of sexiness on the catwalk. Without the excessive showcase of flesh with bare backs and plunging necklines, femininity has a new (and maybe not so) hidden weapon. Fanfares, plaudits and naughty winks for the shoulders on display.

Allegedly negligent, but in effect deliberately sexy, outerwear gradually slides down the back and uncovers the beautiful neck curve and its continuation. And here is how completely conventional pieces of clothing of the rank of the puffer jacket and the thick wool overcoat find an accomplice in the face of the shirt with the neatly starched-stiff collar in order to make the crew of the season. This is also one of the hottest trends, which we will gladly try out ourselves.

We are drawing our inspiration from fashion shows by Dior, Acne Studios, Off-White, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. And while some of them rely on more casual looks with a highlight on puffer jackets, others sign their names under styles with classic overcoats and trench coats. The focus is set on the shoulders and they remain the star in the leading role. The rest, as people say, are merely details, and we are going to complement them with the right accessories.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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