And let the season of midi skirts begin now! Their boom is so undeniable that we have already started thinking about freeing up a separate section in our wardrobes about them only. Every step we take we encounter a killer lady dressed dazzlingly who can inspire us for yet another time how to pair the midi skirt and how to take it to the next level in styling. Challenge accepted!

The midi pencil skirt emphasises the curves and it is femininity’s best friend. Everything that is bestowed on us by nature or by the workouts in the gym comes forward. What should we combine it with, though? Both the tightly fitting turtleneck and the fine lace shirt make up for a refined final touch, but the option with chunky knitwear also matches it nicely. The rest is just a moderate use of accessories in the form of a thin belt with a bow and a wool beret for a girl’s wink.

No matter whether it is summer or winter, the soleil skirt never goes out of fashion. These floaty skirts, in which we feel like dancing like 3-year-old ballerinas, magically enter a super collaboration with oversized denim and blazers.

Apparently, opposites do attract. We have also noticed a more and more frequent trend of wearing them with classic sports sweatshirts. We like this nonchalant note and we are definitely going to try it with confidence in our everyday life.

Asymmetrical designs with a length reaching down under the knee are triumphantly appearing on stage. We are tempted to count on them in combination with sneakers or even rougher flat boots. But even the mini kitten heels, inspired by Dior’s last seasons, could achieve a pleasant result. As for a top, you may go for unusual T-shirts, flouncy shirts and fresh blouses.

The midi skirt turns out to be a fertile ground for any kind of styling experiments. Which, without being excessively shy about it, we are particularly good at. We are going to take advantage of it and give it a key position in our fashion selections for the upcoming colder months.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva
Photos: Bloglovin, Instagram

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