The day is getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. Yes, warm days are still well ahead, but it wouldn’t hurt to start preparing. The trend that we are presenting you today requires a bit more effort at the gym, but the result is totally worth it! We are playing with lengths and cropping clothes in half. Be it with the favourite T-shirt, sweatshirt or top. The crop top became a top trend well back at the beginning of last year. Everything started from models who rule over Instagram, and not only set trends, but also play with them. In just any way they like. Because their bodies, followers and popularity allow them to.


But also, just because they are not afraid to experiment! We wear crop tops under a blazer, with sports trousers, jeans or high heels. The greatest fans of the trend are Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Yes, they both boast flat tummies and perfect abs… and this could quickly dampen our enthusiasm about trying out the trend. But we immediately turn our eyes to Kim Kardashian, who shows off with a much juicier shape… and is still braver than everyone.

We turn into ballerinas from Flashdance, we combine it with a light pair of jeans and we get ready for some serious dancing. The trend is quite conducive to expressing creativity. You may even get ready with a pair of scissors and a favourite T-shirt that you are willing to sacrifice. In the name of fashion, of course! And here are several street style shots to inspire you. We’ll go for it, and you?

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Pinterest

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