Once the cold winds start blowing and bothering us more and more frequently, one of the first things we awake from our wardrobe is the parka. Our favourite winter garment, which is warm and comfortable, successfully protects us against wind, rain, cold and snow. We borrowed it from the strong sex some time ago and… we have kept forgetting to give it back ever since.

This winter outerwear item is made from water-resistant, windproof and thermal materials and its inside is often covered with natural sheepskin or faux fur lining. The two things we like the most about the parka are its multitude of pockets (for little ladies’ treasures) and its furry hood.

We know that you love wearing it everywhere and at any given time, and this is why we have chosen five scenarios where it steals the show.

Urban nomad

As the true embodiment of urban style, the parka has more of an every-day look. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that it is a great combination with sneakers and jeans. Add your favourite medium-sized bag, as well, and you are ready to take the urban jungle by storm.

Rock forever!

Leather trousers will add particularly recognisable rock sound to our well-known winter jacket. The compulsory elements in this case are the rocker boots and the fringed scarf, which will take care of completing your look in a perfect way.

The negligent look

You are going out in you sports leggings and your trainers to take the dog for a walk? Don’t forget to put your parka on, too! Yes, it combines quite nicely with sports clothing, as well. Regardless of the fact that it has a hood, the parka also looks perfectly nice with a knitted hat.

The rebellious look

Distressed jeans, a checked shirt and boots – yes this scenario sounds wonderful! The important thing in this combination is that the clothes should be chosen in such a way so that you could feel ultimately comfortable in your own skin. And did we mention that the match between the parka and the oversized long scarf looks exceptionally stylish?

The feminine look

So far, we have only been enumerating options with trousers and jeans. Now, it is time for us to turn our heads to short skirts and knitted dresses, which could also be worn with a parka. The same applies to the maxi sweater, which is a very favourite of ours during wintertime. Count on flat shoes or on a broader heel.

Text: Fashion Inside

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