There is something classic and trivial, but also something exceptionally elegant about the trench coat. Not only does it mark the transition from summer to autumn and from winter to spring, but it is also suitable company for any of the clothes in your wardrobe.

The classic trench coat is the perfect choice for street adventures when the cold autumn wind rises or when the April showers pour down. For each fashion-conscious lady this elegant piece of outerwear in classic beige or black is an absolute must-have element in the wardrobe.

Tied with a belt, wrapped negligently or, waving freely, the trench coat allows for multiple improvisations and combinations. We offer you five of them.

The Street Style

Slipped on quickly, as if at the very last minute before slamming the door behind your back, with negligently cuffed sleeves, unbuttoned, with ends waving around loose and with an upturned collar… Worn like this, the trench coat gives a type of a slightly yobbish look, which is quite fascinating in a girly way.

The Neat

Button the trench coat neatly, tie its belt in a bow, pair it with comfortable jeans and sneakers and you are ready for all sorts of street challenges.

The Romantic

Leave a more or less noticeable gap between the two ends of the trench coat and tie its belt in a bow. By doing so you are going to hint at your elegantly combined layers of clothing underneath. Slightly cuff the sleeves in order to reveal the gracefulness of your wrists.

The Business Style

You need to refresh your styling to the office? Try this: wear a shirt, put a fine cardigan on top and complete your look with something sophisticated like a comfortable pair of elegant trousers, a trench coat in beige and pointed high heels.

The Monochrome

Match a black trench coat with slim black jeans and bright red stiletto heels in order to achieve a hot look. Not only will such a combination of clothes make you appear taller, but also slimmer and more elegant.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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