Everybody loves denim! Before we realise it, with years it has become the unofficial uniform of several generations. Familiar yet different every time, it allows freedom for different interpretations. Designers love denim, street-style icons adore it, fashion bloggers applaud it passionately. We, on the other hand, are trying to show it to you in all its varieties season after season.

Which transformations of this intransient and multi-faceted material do you welcome to your personal style? Here are five different ways to wear denim which make you have fun and help you impress others.

With embroidered messages

A trend that has been making its way for a few years now and it is stubbornly refusing to leave. No matter whether we are talking about jackets, jeans or short skirts, simply grab your favourite denim garment and add an embroidery with a quote or some flowers on it.

You can never be mistaken with the combination of an elegant dress, boots and an embroidered denim jacket.

Denim + denim

One of the most favourite classic combinations guarantees absolute success. Adapt it to the current season with denim shorts, a skirt or a trench coat.


Voluminous is the new sexy. Count on an oversized jacket or shirt (and why not even a trench coat), made of denim, and combine it with your favourite pair of jeans in order to score additional styling points.

A denim skirt with white sneakers

Sooner or later, platforms and high heels give in their place to Its Majesty the Sneaker! Classic white designs are the perfect match to denim and they will take care of your youthful look both in the spring and summer.

A cloche skirt

The design that is perfect for every silhouette and every season. Add to the denim cloche skirt a pair of elegant shoes and a fine silk shirt or sneakers and a sports top and you will not be mistaken!

Text: Veliana Simeonova
Photos: Press

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