Good personal style does not end when you become 40. In the streets and on social media we find enough examples of the fact that women can be stylish and fashionable even after they turn 50. The advantage of the fashion icons that are 40+ is in the fact that they really know what they look perfect in, and what highlights the imperfections of their figure. They do not wear a garment, merely because it is super trendy at the moment. They wear one, because it fits them perfectly, and because it is in tune with their personal fashion mantra.

And in order to present you with some evidence about this, we found 5 40+ fashion bloggers, who impress us with their personal style and charisma. From minimalism to aristocratism.

Lyn Staler

University professor in law Lyn Staler is the face behind the Accidental Icon blog – the place where you are going to find monochrome combinations of clothes, seasoned with a pinch of avant-garde. We are impressed by Lyn’s experiments with Japanese designer clothes and avant-garde jewellery.

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Colleen Heidemann

If you are looking for a truly refined fashion icon, then Colleen Heidemann is your guy. You are often going to see her pictures in which she is wearing sophisticated open-back evening gowns, red lipstick and a stylish hairdo. Everything in her style proves her glamour and perfection.

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Does My Bum Look 40

Kat is a 41-year-old stylist with three children and an appearance which strongly reminds us of top model Elle Macpherson. Her blog is the place where she shares her individual style and inspires women of all ages. You definitely need to follow her in case you are fond of street style and you are interested in applying current trends to your every-day outfits.

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Sophie Fontanel

We have been following Sophie Fontanel’s personal style for a very long time now. The writer is the personification of French style, no matter what she is wearing. The charming lady relies on high-end fashion brands and most of the time you are going to see her dressed in Céline, Hèrmes and H&M.

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Garance Doré

Probably the one that is most followed on social media from the stylish ladies mentioned up to here. French blogger, photographer and illustrator Garance Doré inspires ladies from all over the world. Having gained unanimous recognition as a fashion icon, she has been doing this for about ten years now, and her style could be described as classic French chic with a soft breeze from New York and Los Angeles, where Garance has been living for years. Luxurious cashmere, elegant trousers and high-heeled sandals (or classic boots) – this is the typical her.

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Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press, Instagram

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