We know that jeans are this classic apparel which is resistant to time and trends. We wear them every season, we find a way to incorporate them in any style and we feel that we will never get bored with them.

With denim jackets, on the other hand, the situation is a little more different. At certain times they appear in our wardrobe and they disappear at others but, every time they return we welcome them with our arms wide open. This season they are an absolute must-have. And the good news is that they are arriving in all possible variations: light, dark, short, with studs and eyelets… a great abundance for any taste.

The good thing about denim is that it is multifunctional. Just do not overdo it because too much of it in one look is definitely not the most successful combination.

What can you combine such a piece with? The answer is short – with almost everything.

We recently told you about the leather jacket and its matching clothes. It turned out to be broad-minded and easy to combine. The same applies to its denim counterpart.

Let us start from dresses and skirts. The synchronisation between maxi clothes and denim jackets is remarkable and is an excellent combination for a walk in the park, some shopping or an outdoor dinner party.

Do not forget about short dresses either. If you are having a party and wondering what to slip on over your little black treasure, denim could be an apt choice.

No matter short or long trousers, they all get along well with denim. You could add a pinch of elegance to the look by adorning the jacket with a curious brooch as long as the jacket allows for it.

And speaking of accessories, we feel obliged to mention that lavish styles emphasise the denim look in an amazing way. A massive neckpiece might turn out to be the highlight of the complete look which you are aiming for.

Depending on the occasion and the rest of your clothes, the denim jacket gives you an opportunity to combine it with high-heeled or flat shoes, boots, ballerina pumps, sneakers and whatever else pops into your head. And this gives it another thumbs-up in order to add it to our spring—summer wardrobe.

Text: Stanislava Dobreva

Photos: Press

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