We have been talking about men in cardigans – over a cup of tea at the office for a few days now. And the conclusion – we adore men who wear this piece of clothing and particularly those who know what they are doing with the colours, lengths and their own style. And despite the fact that the cardigan has unisex implications or that female characteristics are being attached to it, in its male counterpart it is practical, it looks masculine enough and no, it is not going to get in the way of your office style or your everyday apparel.

In case you are amongst those men who have never tried wearing a cardigan up to the present moment, we emphasise the fact that this garment will pleasantly surprise you and you have missed a lot by now. The appropriate style will give you a casual and easy gentlemanly look, it will warm you up and it will lend variety to your wardrobe. You could wear a cardigan under your sports jacket, over a formal dress shirt and you might even add a tie. The combinations with jeans or formal trousers are a perfect option for your daily life – whether it is corporate or not.

The practical application and use of this garment makes it suitable for all three seasons, except for the summer, of course. The cardigan in the men’s wardrobe will make wearing a backpack much more stylish, too, because in its own right this top gives a specific sports finish to the whole look. The size, on the other hand, needs to be chosen carefully. In contrast to cardigans in the ladies’ wardrobe, which could be quite tightly fitting to the body, with men this garment has to give a little more freedom, because, apart from everything else, it is often worn over one or two other layers of clothing. Never, however, should it be too loose or look baggy. And, yes, we confirm it – we absolutely love men who know what we are talking about.

Text: Fashion Inside

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