The neck scarf has never gone out of the spotlight. It is very feminine, it adds a pinch of elegance to each and every outfit and it could be its last, decisive touch. It successfully replaces jewellery, it could be tied to your handbag or it might become a hair accessory. Colourful, hand-painted, made of silk or telling a story, the neck scarf undoubtedly transforms even a boring sweater into something more.

We prefer it colourful so that it could be the highlight. There are hundreds of ways for tying it, we could wear it with our hair up or down, but it seems like hair nonchalantly put up is its best partner in crime. Then the look gets more organised while the neck and shoulders are exposed. The touch of the refined silk fabric on a lady’s skin is one of the nice sensations we could offer to our senses. It is Italian and French women’s favourite, especially Giovanna Battaglia’s. The neck scarf is perfect for the mid-season, when we still do not need a cashmere or wool scarf. The sunny days in winter or the early spring are the perfect occasion for us to pair it with a dress, a trench coat or a short blazer.

The neck scarf is going to remain a leading trend regardless of the pace that fashion develops and changes with. It is one of those accessories which are not always in the centre of events, but never step down from the catwalk.
Airiness and femininity with a slight twist and nothing more. Beautiful patterns and colours have a truly collectible value. The neck scarf is worth the investment as much as a heavy colourful coat is. The outfit is ready!

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos: Vogue, Pinterest

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