Men have always aspired to be attractive, strong, successful and, of course, loved by women. Whenever fashion required it, they became hotter or more masculine, carelessly erotic or explicitly succinct. Hair styles, moustaches and beards, suntans, and pumped-up muscles have all played a particular role in their transformations.

We have collected all handsome guys from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day in order to see how standards of male beauty have changed.

The 1900s – Strong and athletic men

We are starting with the bodybuilder Eugen Sandow at the beginning of the last century. Everywhere he appeared, he produced such a pronounced ecstasy in women which could only be seen during the 60’s at a Beatles’ concert. Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a few statuettes representing the father of modern bodybuilding, as Sandow is known.

The 1910s – Exquisite elegance

The First World War introduced the handlebar moustache into the peaceful lives of ordinary men, who started thinking of themselves as exceptionally good-looking and manly.

The 1920s – Slicked-back hair and dreamy eyes

Everybody starts getting crazy about the cinema and Rudolph Valentino – the star of silent film. Almost every man has slicked-back parted hair just like the first sex symbol of Hollywood. The man automatically becomes immaculately good-looking.

The 1930s – The film star as a standard

The world is emulating film stars more and more. The ideal of male beauty is now a fit body and a nice build, wide shoulders, narrow hips and strong muscles. Clark Gable’s renowned erotic moustache transformed him into an ideal for women and every second man was trying to look like him.

The 1940s – Masculinity from the war years

A key image for men during the Second World War is the raw, masculine and tough man in a uniform, with a clean-shaven face, as the war years stipulated.

The 1950s – Rock-and-roll sex appeal

The 50s will be remembered for the rockabilly style and the tall, sexy and handsome Elvis Presley, who was singing into the microphone in his warm, husky voice and moved around in his characteristic dance. The King of Rock and Roll’s signature hairstyle – the Pompadour – was extremely popular during this period.

The 1950s – The rebellious spirit

Thousands of men with motorbikes from the whole world were trying to emulate the bold and handsome Marlon Brando from the film The Wild One. They were wearing leather jackets and called themselves “Bad boys”. The girls were crazy about them.

The 1960s – Spiritual eyes and merciless sex appeal

During these years, the standard of male beauty is the French actor Alain Delon – a dark athletic young male with boyish facial features and spiritual blue eyes.

The 1960s – Freedom of self-expression

The end of the decade was marked by the bloom of the hippie movement and psychedelic rock. Jim Morrison – the frontman of The Doors fascinated everyone with his unique charisma and profound lyrics. When girls saw him, they went into erotic ecstasies and young men started doing reckless deeds.

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