Sometimes, it is hard for us to believe how one tiny accessory has the power to reshape our whole look, add a highlight and brighten up the entire picture. Such is the case with all those luxury key rings that we have selected especially for you.

They are naughty, elaborate and masterfully crafted to the very last seam, button or ribbon. Burberry’s teddy bears, for example, are made of delicate cashmere, Fendi’s fluffy adornments combine several types of genuine leather, while Prada’s little girl is wearing a jacquard dress and a crystal necklace.

Only great fashion houses have the ability to transform a few centimetres of fabric and leather into these tiny little jewels. We add them to backpacks and handbags, we put our keys on them, or we place them directly onto the belt of our favourite pair of jeans. The important thing is that they need to be visible and they should put a smile on our faces every time we glance at them.

They can successfully play the role of a great surprise present for a friend. They can easily become a talisman as long as we wish for it. The perfect designer key rings for the season are here, take a look at them.

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