The advantages of cold days are very few. We are trying to find them and convince ourselves that there really is some charm about the cold, the wind and the snow. It immediately crosses our mind that winter presents us with quite a convenient opportunity and this way it somehow resembles summer in a way. And namely – accessories that we can wear from head to toe. Hats, gloves, scarves. Winter has plenty to offer!

It happens to everyone, especially in January. We feel like we are wearing the same clothes for the whole winter, our imagination struggles somewhere in the cold air that we breathe in. And here comes our salvation – accessories. A cosy scarf in a bright colour, an ultra-trendy hat or a pair of new gloves. They save not only our outfit but also our mood! We have written before about accessories, because they alone transformed into some sort of a micro trend of their own. But all of them are worth the reminder. A minute more in front of the mirror is going to have a positive effect on us for the whole day. And on the other hand,winter allows us to adorn our outfits a bit more, after all we are true fans of layering. And there is only one rule there: the more, the more!

Fur bags

There are a lot of contradicting opinions about them, but fashion connoisseurs raise them in a cult this season, together with micro bags. There is something very warm and cosy about them and they look quite useful. Would you try one?

Flat caps

Chanel transformed them into the hottest accessory of the winter. They bring about something marine, something wild, something French. We find the very, very chic. We wear them with our hair wavy or we make a nonchalant plait.

 More than a scarf

In a bright colour, an animal print or an unusual material. Scarves are the most important accessories for the winter. And they really are functional! They are able to completely transform a look.


We noticed some berets even in 2017 and the good news for all the fans is that this trend remains. And it is going at full speed. For those of you who still haven’t acquired the most elegant French accessory – now is the time!

Shoes that are a real highlight

We simply adore the trends about shoes for winter 2018! We would actually wear all the designs. The rule about the new year is simple: let them be seen from afar. And step boldly! In silver, gold, white, red or suede.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Style du Monde, Collagevintage, Peopleandstyles

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