“Maxi” is a word which we have come to love more and more in past couple of seasons because it names a trend that has gone through sweaters, coats and has now arrived at skirts. For those of you who are still not familiar with it, a maxi skirt is one which starts from the waist, goes down to the ankle and is necessarily flared and floaty. There are three important features which you need to keep in mind for this type of clothing before introducing it to your wardrobe: whether the fabric is appropriate, whether you have matching shoes and also, whether you have a top to pair it with.

Lately, maxi skirts have, like everything else, been produced of various materials – silk, tulle, chiffon. Sometimes they have a lining, and sometimes they don’t. That is why when trying on one of these also try to find out if it is too see-through. Walk around the store in it in order to check if it is not too long and whether you will find it comfortable.

Long, floaty skirts can suit women of different heights equally well. You will be mistaken to think that you are an exception if you take are into account how tall you. In order to wear the skirt with style, it is a good thing for your top to be closely fitting because by doing so you achieve the balance between the flared lower end of the skirt and the upper part of the body. Such a skirt, especially one having a higher waist, could be worn with one of those trendy crop tops, as well.

It is important to take into consideration which tops would suit nicely floating over the skirt and which ones you may tuck in under the skirt. You may freely add belts and accessories. With these skirts it is perfectly acceptable to grab either your huge tote or your tiny clutch. You may try combining colours which are contrasting – and the brighter, the better. Shoes may also vary from high heels to flat. With maxi skirts avoid wearing boots, trainers or completely closed shoes. It is important to feel at home with the maxi trend of maxi skirts. Otherwise it is no use following any trend at all.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Pictures: Press

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