In Milan, Les Copains revealed a new, but in fact a well-forgotten story. The brand invites us to the reimagining of the charming, multi-layered and unpredictable French woman from the 1960s. She carries the strength and inspiration of the time when Les Copains was born.

Going back to the roots nurtures the imagination and shows that there exist some ever-lasting truths about life, beauty and recognisable style. Les Copains shifts the focus to all those brave, mysterious and modern women that you see on the back cover. This is an example of capturing eternal beauty, the unique faces that remain forever different, and design that could be multiplied in a variety of different forms for different women. Are you starting to recognise yourself here?

Initially, we saw ourselves in the outfits that Les Copains shows, but we now see ourselves much more clearly in the personalities that the brand wants to bring forth this autumn. Such women could be seen everywhere – from the insecure and sometimes dangerous megalopolis, through mountain chalets to sophisticated salons, which, even though being shiny, could still be as dangerous as the street.

On the catwalk during the show in Milan, Les Copain’s collection told us a marvellous story in images that reveal the constantly changing femininity, ever transforming, always in motion, possessing unforeseeable and even fantastical elements.

The neutral and refined nuances of blue, nude and beige are enriched by bright yellow, turquoise and burgundy. Black also holds a special place in the history of Les Copains. Satin, suede, tulle, lace, fine knitwear, masterly techniques and scarves with impressive fringes. On the catwalk in Milan, just like in exquisite storytelling, there was everything – our favourite pencil skirts, wide leg trousers, knitted dresses and over-sized cardigans.

The creative team of Les Copains clearly displayed their intentions to lead the Italian brand into a new direction which has as its foundation in the historical heritage that has been accumulated for more than six decades, and a new, contemporary feel to it.

The emblematic design that makes the brand a part of fashion history and personifies its philosophy is the flag jacket – a piece in a marine style. Created in the 1960s and having become a recognisable symbol, it comes back for a new life in 2018. The meeting point of the history and the future of Les Copains takes the development of Italian fashion to a whole new level.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Vogue.co.uk

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