Jackie Kennedy, First Lady of the USA, a fashion icon and one of the most remarkable personalities of the 20th century, has become a symbol of eternal style – unforgettable, intransient and always priceless. She was born in New York and ranks among the most influential internationally popular women like Carla Bruni and Michelle Obama. Jackie Kennedy leaves us many lessons in style that women around the world still continue to follow nowadays. After the death of the President in 1963, she goes on in life as Jackie Onassis, which in its own right marks a new period in the way she dresses and the fashion trends that she sets. She wears thousands-of-dollars-worth jewellery pieces with T-shirts, colourful floaty skirts with formal Hermès gloves – a combination of two perfectly different styles. Today, we adore Jackie Kennedy and what she has bequeathed us in terms of fashion.

The Pillbox hat. Round and brimless, this is one of Jackie’s signatures. In 1961 her stylist decides that she needs a highlight to make her stand out. They achieve it by placing a cylindrical hat on her head. Nowadays, such a design is worn by Catherina, Duchess of Cambridge and many other celebrities, but it was Jackie Kennedy that set the trend of wearing hats with this shape.

Scarves are not only for the neck. She puts the scarf around her head and transforms it into an easily recognisable part of her outfits when the small hat is not there. She combines it with a pair of oversized sunglasses, a small black dress or even with a T-shirt. Oversized sunglasses also become one of Jackie Kennedy’s signature looks as a First Lady.

The A-Line silhouette. A-shaped dresses in pastel colours, even two-part suits and other specific clothes remain in the minds of fashion followers as symbols of the 60s. The garments with such a cut become signature for Jackie while she is still the First Lady of the United States.

Volume. She loves wearing voluminous outfits, and some of the most popular ones in her wardrobe are the designs, created by Hubert de Givenchy. She puts volume in her hair, as well, which is especially styled by Mr Kenneth, who is often described as the world’s first celebrity hairdresser.

Colour block. From pastel dresses to monochrome ones, Kennedy finds another passion – the colour blocking style. Patterns here are represented by colour blocks, quite often shaped in rectangles and squares. Such outfits for her have been created by fashion houses like Jean-Louis Scherrer, Christian Dior and Givenchy.

Three-quarter length sleeves. Kennedy literally patented them. They are all over her outfits – jackets, dresses, shirts. Wearing sleeves with such a length, she quietly emphasises her beautiful wrists and the priceless pieces of jewellery on them.

Valentino. At her wedding to Aristotle Onassis in 1968, Jackie wears a white lace gown by Valentino. Later, this dress becomes the most replicated couture piece of all time. The truth is that she loves Valentino all her life, and on the day of her death Valentino himself pays tribute to Jackie.

Source: Anothermag.com
Photos: Bridget Watson Payne, published by Chronicle Books; Pinterest

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