The leather jacket has, obviously, already been in your wardrobe for a long while now and, quite deservedly so. It is one of those favourite pieces which will never go out of fashion. As time goes by and seasons change, though, our concept of how to wear it varies within a lot of possible combinations, which we have not previously thought of.

The leather jacket first appeared as a part of aviators’ clothing and military uniform. It has since then been popularised by many subcultures keen on musical genres such as punk, rock and gothic, it has been proudly worn by bikers. Little by little, the leather jacket starts being adopted by the fashion world as a reinterpretation that has references to the according subcultures. Today, it is not only these associations that this garment bears on the shoulders of fashion enthusiasts. It is one of the must-have spring acquisitions on which everyone puts whatever importance they find most appropriate.

Etiquette of wearing a leather jacket in a fashionable way demands two things. First, it has to go down to your waist. And while it is acceptable to have it just a hint lower, anything below that will transform into a hazard, which might send you into the past. And second, the leather jacket has to be straight, slim, close-fitting or, call it what you may, but you have to forget about wide sleeves and baggy shapes and basically everything which we relate to men’s styles and women’s designs of times gone by.

Leather jackets were initially black but are now produced in all colours, which fascinate us quite a lot and make this item an irresistible one in most cases. If you choose your piece in a bright colour, you should, therefore, match carefully the rest of the shades of your outfit. Orange, which happens to be quite a fashionable colour this season, could match well with black, dark blue and white. The green jacket would suit nicely dark, earthy colours or, light blue. Colour combinations here have more or less no rules. You need to trust your sense of style, apparently. Let it be your own fashion guide.

What to pair it with? The impossible but oh-so-successful combination is with an evening dress. It sounds ridiculous but it looks natural and sexy. It obviously matters what the dress is. We have chosen a strapless model in pale pink which is flared from the chest downwards. But, you may experiment with any of those slightly more serious outfits of yours.

Leather jackets look good on formal shirts or casual T-shirts, short skirts or denim. You may match them with turtlenecks, leggings or leather trousers. The shoes, styles and colour patterns under the jacket could literally vary wildly. It is precisely this freedom to style our look with the leather jacket according to our mood and without any preconceptions that makes it one of our ever strong fashion attributes. This is why we are going to use spring in order to be able to indulge in it accordingly.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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