Winter is now surprising us with several trends, which are worth taking a look at. In various styles and for different occasions, boots are an inseparable part of our wardrobes. Yes, they are not quite fit for snow, but there is still some more time to the first snowflakes, anyway. At least we hope so. We have collected a few trends that we found difficult to pass by. Extravagance is highly respected so it would be advisable for us to approach the rest of the outfit a bit more carefully and with a little extra caution so that we could remain stylish. And don’t forget the most important thing: be true to yourself!

White boots

Up to the ankle or a bit higher, white boots are an absolute trend. Fashion bloggers adore them and combine them boldly with skirts, denim, black skinny jeans and they adore fishnet tights. We have no idea whether they have the chance of replacing white sneakers from the throne, but they definitely have what to offer.

Over-the-knee boots

This season they are undergoing some transformations. These boots love genuine and patent leather, suede, velvet and bold colours. They are perfect for an oversized sweater, blue jeans, a dress or an ultra-short skirt. Because of the fact that they are so sexy and much more than a highlight on their own, it’s a good idea for the rest of our outfit to be simpler.

Long live silver!

Everybody wears them – fashion bloggers, models and girls who love glamour. They are perfect for our favourite jeans and coat, we could wear them from the early morning until the late evening. They will make the whole office turn their heads after you, and in the evening you would be free to go wild on the dance floor. They are truly wonderful, aren’t they!

Passionate red

This is the colour that gained a serious position on the catwalk this winter. Naturally, the red kissed shoes, too. Fashion photographers were competing to be the first to capture fashion bloggers’ bright red ankle boots, paired in a myriad of ways. It seems like with this colour we walk with much more confidence!

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos: Pinterest, Instagram

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