They are one of fashion’s eccentric challenges and sometimes push their way to our hearts, but at others we refuse to even try them on and merely choose to stare at them in a picture. For those of you who are willing to try, though, there are a few things you need to make yourselves familiar with before slipping into this warm or even hot accessory.

Knee high socks provoke a difference of opinion among ladies. Some associate them with Astrid Lindgren’s heroine, who is definitely a fan of long stockings. Others find a vulgar chord, which is in contradiction to any dress code or style norms, in them. We reckon that here also it is important to find the golden mean, which can stand out as a decent style in street fashion, as long as everything is done with a sense of taste and fashion-wise.

First, it is a good thing to bear in mind that in order to wear these socks you need to take into consideration your overall look and your age. The ratio is as follows: girls can wear the types which extend over the knee, while more mature ladies are advised to wear those which are up to or just below it.

Colours need to match the rest of the outfit and the socks could be the only highlight in your apparel. You could wear them with flat shoes or ones whose heels are no higher than 8 centimetres.

Second, knee socks could be worn on their own or on top of leggings. It is rather clear that you put them on with a short skirt and trousers, a dress or a long top. Neither of the items in question should be too formal because these socks are a part of your outfit in your free time, not on formal occasions. Neither of them should have too low a neckline nor strip you down excessively so that you can remain within the boundaries of decent taste.

Third, keep in mind that they might turn out to be the hardest thing to wear if you have a tendency to think what other people will say about you. If you, after all, decide to venture into wearing them, here are a few pieces of advice on what to look for in stores. Knee socks are available almost everywhere but you won’t find them with formal dress wear retailers, apparently. Buy brands which you are familiar with and whose logos are recognisable – these might help you wear them with higher self-confidence. Socks in shades close to that of your skin visually elongate your legs. Do not be afraid to experiment with different materials and patterns.

And last but not least, pay attention to what shoes you wear with them. Those with open toes are not appropriate. If you choose knee high boots, you need to make sure that the socks do not depreciate the boots, and vice versa. Casual boots or shoes are a pretty decent decision, just like Sarah Jessica Parker loves doing it.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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