We have heard loads of legends about horizontal stripes and how they have a negative effect on most body shapes. A statement we wish we didn’t entirely believe in. Victoria Beckham, vehemently denying everything which threatens the perfect female silhouette, wore herself only a sweater in black and white stripes to the photo shoot for the cover of her book “That Extra Half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between”. In the introductory notes to it she even apologises to her mother for breaking her golden rule to never put on horizontal stripes.

If Victoria Beckham can do it, so can we. Horizontal black and white stripes are one of the trends which appears with high frequency every few seasons. It is almost always combined with a colour that completely contrasts the black and white. A blazer or trousers in red or blue add considerable charm to this pattern.

If you wear stripes, it is not necessary to put on many accessories as the clothing itself represents a firm claim for a strong sense of fashion and style. Be a bit more careful especially with jewellery. Every rule has its exceptions, though, so according to the whole outfit you may find the most suitable bracelets, for instance.

The top doesn’t always have to be tightly fitted to the body – bet on a loose shirt or sweater, depending on what you feel comfortable in. This print being multi-faceted is also reflected in the fact that it matches skirts, trousers and denim. It could bring on a sports feel according to the cut and the design, but it could also be a formal outfit as we saw last summer, when this pattern was a top trend.

We are in love with black and white stripes. If you reckon that they have gone away together with the warm weather, we will dare continue wearing them and complementing our classic wardrobe with them.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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