When your work uniform is actually nothing of a uniform but a suit, in which you look dazzling… This is how our case starts today. How to wear a trouser suit? No matter whether you are following any corporate dress code or you simply want to learn how to bring variety to your outfits, we dedicate today’s fashion pages namely to this – the interesting combo of trousers and a jacket.

Choose a trendy design. In other words, forget about those retro styles with padded shoulders and huge brown buttons. If you have such a suit, you’d better get rid of it as soon as possible. The ladies’ suit underwent its many metamorphoses a long time ago. Ever so often trousers are tapered or cropped. Jackets have changed their length and are now slim, wide, long, short or brightly coloured. To put in other words – the suit is not what it used to be.

Add colour. Trying to achieve a more youthful look inevitably goes through the opportunity to add colour to the whole outfit. It might be a single highlight or they could be a few. If you find it too much to experiment with the colour of the suit itself, then you may freely do it with the colour of the shirt, the handbag, the shoes or the coat – together or separately.

Be casual. Well, what if your jacket doesn’t have any buttons at all and in their place there is a belt? Or instead of a shirt you put on a casual top? The point is to let your body feel comfortable despite the fact that you are wearing a suit. This automatically means that you could abandon the high heels and put on…

…Your favourite sneakers with a suit. You could add sports details rather easily but only on condition that the style and the fabric of the suit allow for them. It is not acceptable to try wearing your sneakers with the strictly formal look of the dark blue suit you probably have. But you may well put on your favourite sneakers next time you go shopping and try on a suit with them. It has to be with tapered trousers, though. Sports shoes need to be visible – only by doing so will you achieve the impression of having deliberately aimed for such an effect.

Do it like Susan Sarandon. A coloured suit, a simple outfit and as a whole – a celebrity look for a wonderful day.


The jacket could stay longer. This way you will be able to adapt it to the winter, fall and spring wardrobe. You will be able to add a turtleneck under, a sweater or a T-shirt with a catchy print, why not?!

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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