French macaroons, spring afternoons in the Tuileries Garden, a stroll along the Rue de Rivoli, a photo at Place Vendôme, a night tour along the bank of the Seine, a lot of music, fashion and wine. There are cities where you feel as if in a film, ones where you cannot stop looking around in the street because you want to absorb every last second, every last detail. It is an undeniable fact that Paris is such a city. And it has the most beautiful of adornments – French women.

First, you see them and then you notice their impeccable outfit. They love neutral colours, they count on black, dark blue and beige. They look perfect in a particularly nonchalant way, which makes us all jealous. This way, as if not having put any effort into preparing their outfit, they have actually considered every single detail, they have chosen the right highlight.

It is a fact that French women count on classics, on eternal chic, they do not take risks like Italians, for example, and they derive inspiration from the eternal divas of the cinema. One thing is for sure – they always surprise us. They wear their favourite pair of jeans with high-heeled sandals, and not with sneakers. They combine the pencil skirt with ballerinas, the long silk skirt with urban boots, the male suit with sneakers, the sequin dress with a woven basket. They expose their legs and raise the mini skirt to a cult and they are never afraid of being sexy. Within limits, of course. They say that everything is about the right balance: a see-through T-shirt, but tucked into a pair of male trousers. Or a broad-brimmed hat, combined with a simple dress. They love natural beauty, they know their bodies and their strong sides. And the most important thing – they love themselves. We have selected especially for you several effective basics for a good French wardrobe.

Its Majesty the Blazer!

An indispensable part of every French girl’s wardrobe, they adore it and make use of it in all kinds of combinations. The perfect final touch for every outfit.

With a shirt

They say that there is no better combination than a white shirt, a nonchalant (but actually very well maintained and carefully considered) hairstyle and bright red lipstick!

Sailor stripes… in the city

Here is the place to thank Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel and even Pablo Picasso, who often used a striped sailor T-shirt in his studio while working on yet another masterpiece. Here it is, and where to without the sea?

Back to black

Black will always be French women’s best friend no matter what the season is. And what is more, no other colour highlights natural beauty as well as black!

White trousers

Regardless of the fact whether they are tight or oversized, as long as they are worn bravely all year round, with a T-shirt, a blazer or a coat, white trousers attract the attention of passers-by and introduce the necessary amount of good mood.

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos: Pinterest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar

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