The winter is already here no matter how hard we were trying to postpone it. It is easy to get lost in the sea of trends and combinations. The good thing about fashion, though, is that however quickly it changes, it comes back. This is why it’s useful for us to have a number of essentials for every season. They are the ones to build up an outfit and add the final details. We have selected five of our favourite winter clothes that you can’t go wrong with. We are ready no matter how cold it gets!

The huge scarf

The oversized scarf could easily replace the coat. It is different from the neck scarf, it is voluminous and warm, preferably knitted and made of wool or cashmere. It allows us to wear it with a jacket, a lighter coat or over a sweater. Apart from the fact that it keeps us warm, it creates the necessary cosiness when we are in the street. The motto here is simple: the more it looks like a blanket, the better!

The cashmere sweater

This is a wise investment because cashmere is never going to leave. It is one of those things which have become a classic and do not depend on tendencies. The cashmere sweater could come to our rescue both on a cold day and in the evening with a short skirt, for example. And it also presents us with the opportunity to dream about the last warm evenings in August, when cashmere covers our bronze shoulders. Until then – we might wear it in any combinations.

The unforgettable coat

We have already offered you a collection of colourful coats that won’t let you remain unnoticed. It is a fact that it’s precisely the coat which puts the final touch to every winter outfit. It is good for to us feel comfortable in it because it is going to serve us well for all of the long winter ahead. During this season, the coat is the main character.

The hat

Without it there could be no winter walks till late, and we love them. A knitted one, with a visor or a brim, the hat is the perfect accessory. Even when it isn’t so warm, the hat manages to communicate with our confidence perfectly and lift us a few centimetres above ground. And hair loves hats, too!

The suitable gloves

Hands are very gentle and sensitive, especially when it gets cold. In order to keep them soft, we need to protect them and gloves are the perfect shield against external factors.
These gloves could be long up to the elbow, made of leather, fingerless or knitted. They were the real highlight for the past Fashion Weeks in Paris, New York and Milan. The fashionable street style stars adore them!

Text: Tea Denolyubova
Photos:, Pinterest

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