Each collection by Elisabetta Franchi feels like an ode, a confession of love to the Italian woman. The loud and the bright one. The fearless muse that is not shy about her femininity, but wears it proudly, much like an ancient brooch adorning her lapel. She is not afraid of rich colours and she brightens them up with her own light and seducing smile. A woman from head to toe – a dazzling beauty, hypnotising with her ardent gestures. With infinite legs and self-confidence that has been nurtured and protected for generations at La Famiglia.

Elisabetta Franchi’s designs for the 2018 winter season vary from mini to maxi lengths. Silk and chiffon take turns with tweed, wool and leather. And from time to time we notice sequins, just to enjoy the shimmer that is so typical for the fashion house. The high heel is the official religion and it is practised zealously. The waist is sacred and it is important that it is highlighted with a belt – one of the top accessories of the collection. The small waist bags are more of a jewellery piece and they only have room for necessities of vital importance like the red lipstick and a small mirror. For the rest of the things that we need, we choose between minimalistic party clutches and more voluminous options with shorter or longer straps – depending on our mood.

The colour palette it sumptuous and rich. Poisonous blue, deep yellow and burgundy make us grin with content. If it is going to be bright – make it suitable for queens.

A lot of silhouettes are inspired by the 70s and can feel freedom-craving spirit of this unforgettable decade.

We also saw some junior counterparts of the signature looks, holding the hand of their grown-up selves on the catwalk. Beautiful both as a metaphor and as a sight.

Elisabetta Franchi, your shows are always a pleasure!

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos for Fashion Inside: Teodora Koeva

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