Metaphorically speaking, the bralette is the younger sister of the regular bra, but instead of all those enhancers and underwires, it boasts a heart of fine lace and beautifully intertwined shoulder straps. The bralette became a fashion hit with the help of the artistic catwalks of brand Victoria’s Secret, whose designs combine the gentleness of sophisticated underwear with the boldness of short tops and they perfectly match a pair of distressed jeans.

In a refined way, the bralette suits the style of any garment, regardless of the fact whether this is Boho, or every-day, sporty, or formal. It additionally highlights the garment, making it look romantic and unique. Here are a few ideas from us about some stylish combinations of a bralette with the rest of the clothes from your wardrobe.

With an oversized shirt

The bralette with fashion accessories on it is a great alternative to the regular bra that we wear under an oversized shirt. If you enjoy getting dressed in boyish clothes, then the lace bralette is going to add a more feminine feel to your outfit.

With a lace or see-through shirt

We are all impressed with the combination of a bralette with a shirt, made of lace or tulle. Aesthetic, feminine and mysterious.

As a top, over a shirt or a blouse

The choice of design varies from simple to extravagant. Some bralettes could also be worn as a top over your favourite long-sleeve shirt. This type of bralette looks even better when it is combined with a pair of high-rise jeans.

With a skirt

As we have already mentioned, you could wear the bralette as a top. Pair it with long romantic skirt or a pencil skirt for a sexier look. Undoubtedly a much more feminine combination than the one with trousers.

With trousers

The combination between a bralette and trousers is going to give you a sporty, youthful look. And in case both pieces of clothing are the same colour, you are going to achieve an optical elongation for your silhouette.

Text: Fashion Inside
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