These boots are made for walking and we couldn’t agree more with Nancy Sinatra. In the video to the song, though, she was demonstrating some high-heeled creations while we take her words quite literally and focus on boots with flat soles, which are appropriate for walking, work and even special occasions. But we are not satisfied with the first possible suggestions because we insist that our clothing and accessories exude character!

Military boots or boots with studs and buckles, that take us back to grunge fashion styles, but quite subtly so. This is the tendency we have started noticing in the streets this season and which we cannot remain indifferent to. We like the bold character of these shoes, which do not appear so feminine at first glance, and all the opportunities for trendy combinations they provide us with.

We throw ourselves in at the deep end and do what seems impossible at first – we pair them with a sheer dress and take great pleasure in the contrast. We could add a leather jacket, which is actually advisable, bearing in mind the already chilly season. We definitely love playing with opposites and convince ourselves for yet another time that different styles do appeal to each other.

Winter dresses and tunics are also attracted by this type of boots. Tights are recommendable because they are not as thick as leggings, which would reduce the effect of the garment. Coats and jackets, however, are not so picky and could be either thinner or more voluminous.

And because it’s not so cold yet, and we still embrace shorter clothing, we are not going to skip suggesting a bolder match: jean shorts or even a skirt. You may complete the look with an oversized cardigan or a short jacket according to the style of the boots.

There is no way for us to omit jeans as they are compulsory for anyone’s wardrobe. Slim styles combine perfectly with boots that are wider above the ankle. If, on the other hand, you bet on military boots, which are narrower, you won’t be mistaken either. We advise you to take into consideration both the upper and the lower parts of your outfit together and focus on the casual style because the synchronicity which we see as a result definitely pleases us.

Text: Stanislava Dobreva

Photos: Press

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