The bags that leave your hands and arms free to move in space and that look like purses and pockets are back in the game. Fashion editors are giving credit for this to Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. And they are absolutely unanimous – these bags are no longer just for tourists. Nor are they associated with childhood when you used to put your pocket money, the keys and the tissues there. The new belt bag is made in colours, materials and variations which transform it into a worthy accessory both during the day and for your evening outfit.

Some designs could be worn over the shoulder because they are fitted with a strap. Designers like Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Tam, Karl Lagerfeld, fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and labels like Noon by Noon and Public School even believe that bags with such design are going to become an even greater hit during the spring next year.

Bum bags were a great success with men’s collections during the autumn of 2016, where they occurred as a street trend. According to Alexander Wang, they are the perfect option for party girls who can have fun freely while having all their necessities on hand.

“The best place where you could wear them is the club because your hands are free and you are not worried that you are going to lose your belongings,” says Kendall Jenner. Her sister Kylie adds that there no unsuitable place for this accessory, while both of them pride themselves precisely on such bags for their own brand.

Some fashion specialists associate the return of the bum bag with the height of the ‘Gorpcore’ style – quite trendy at the moment, according to which nothing is more stylish that clothes that are not stylish at all – bright puffer jackets, for example. But the highlight here is in their convenience and functionality. These are outfits which have originally been designed for activities such as snow clearing, when the temperatures are below zero and everything that a person might want is a hot cup of tea or clothes for tourism in severe weather conditions in the mountain. Bum bags are worn with such types of outfit styles. They also call them ‘mountain chic’, ‘camping glamour’ and the ‘ugly-pretty’.

‘Gorpcore’ comes as the new ‘Normcore’, which was a trend several years ago, when celebrities and supermodels stepped away from glamour in favour of unpretentious simple clothing that didn’t boast any obvious designer labels. The New Yorker described it as “conscious, stylish gentleness”.

For the spring, belt bags, sometimes worn over the shoulder, in front of the chest, are going to be of all kinds – with or without a zip, from sturdier to softer leather, to gentle suede.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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