It is December and no matter how much you do not want it, the winter is officially here. And what is more, it is at its peak. Slowly but surely, the comfort and the warmth of our outfit become our main priority. This is usually quite a tricky preference, because warm and comfortable clothes are not generally the latest thing in fashion… Oh, and they also restrict us a lot. But the good news is that in the whole winter fashion storm, we managed to find a gap. And what a gap! A whole trend, an entire technique that has come down from the catwalk and moved to the street style of big capitals, so that it could come to us in all its glory.

Three cheers for layering! It is a favourite of Scandinavian girls’, French girls’ and who else’s not. Open your wardrobes bravely and do not be afraid to wear more than one piece of clothing at a time. Play with the materials, the textures, the colours, even the styles. One thing is for sure, however – this trend is a genuine challenge for your flair for fashion. You have to apply all your precision and ability and hit the brakes at the point when the outfit starts getting too much. The important thing is to maintain an overall look and whenever you reach out for the next layer, you need to ask yourself one single question: Is it necessary and how will it affect the way I look?

And in order to make it easier for everyone, we have selected some good examples in layering, which seem to have come out of a handbook. Harmony in the colours, the perfect layering – a shirt, a sweater, a cardigan, a coat, a scarf… as if they have always lived forever. This is what magic is. It happens at all layers of the winter!

Text: Thea Denolyubova
Photos: Collagevintage, Pinterest

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