Ahh, how much it suits this city to shine and nestle in its embrace all these women with phenomenal style. A walk only in tulle and some well-trained self-confidence – why not? The pulse of Paris is speeding up its rhythm, mesmerised by these splendid views, wrapped in velvet and gentleness. And we are examining what we have seen with the curiosity of a child. Along with captain hats, berets also stay on their pedestal and together they form the top accessories for the season. With the bags, Dior and Fendi are having their supreme moments of total adoration.

Dresses, made of feathers, lingerie on display – nothing is too much, everything seems somehow artistic when it happens in the fashion capital of the world. The black colour rode the marry-go-round of fashion weeks and did not get tired of grabbing the attention and standing out in the crowd.

With hairstyles, the classic Bob and asymmetric cuts are making an impression. But classics suit Paris.

Regardless of limits and destination, however, the best accessory remains the genuine smile. But all the beauty that the City of Love is imbued with is making us stretch the corners of our smiles and indulge in this art in motion, called street style. You, too, are welcome to join us in this gallery.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva
Photos: The Impression

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