Velvet is the kingdom of winter. The manner which is worth mastering. It has the holiday spirit in itself – that spark, typical of the days that December is loaded with. We welcome it for the second successive winter, but this time we do not stress on the blazers, without excluding them, of course, and we put on more dresses and accessories, soaked in the trend of this fabric.

We admit that velvet is pretentious and it requires a certain amount of mastery. It enjoys the company of other delicate beauties like silk and satin. But it also likes domineering. Just a dress or an accessory is sometimes enough.

A velvet dress and over-the-knee boots. So fine, and so notably feminine. A symphony of two perfectly sufficient elements.

The tops, trousers and jumpsuits also look helluva dazzling, made of velvet and worn with the required amount of boldness and self-confidence.

Velvet socks are the latest thing among our favourites for the season and they managed to stand out as a must-have accessory. We wear them under the straps of our solid heels or the Mary Jane designs, which are once again riding the crest of the wave.

Experiment and find your golden mean, soaked in this sexy fabric.

Text: Fashion Inside
Photos: Press

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