“I am not interested in fashion at all” is a confession which came out of the mouth of Betty Catroux – one of the muses of the great Yves Saint Laurent. And despite her eloquence regarding fashion, she is one of the trendsetters who the fashion world remembers at any convenient moment. One such we found today – the moment when Betty Catroux was wearing over-the-knee boots for the opening of another Yves Saint Laurent store in 1969.

This kind of boots represents one of the most fascinating designer creations because they hide a contradictory nature, different stylistic connotations and plenty of designer inspiration. Just as then as now, we could not omit their significance for our fall-winter wardrobe.

The high-up-to-there boots could be combined with just as high knee socks, the way it is with Balmain or, could be adorned with chains, as is the case with Chanel. It appears that everything which the famous Betty Catroux’s look from 1969 needs is just you to reinterpret it in new versions and styles in order to revive it successfully.

We reckon that these boots are entirely appropriate for our slightly more casual everyday lifestyle. It is going to get quite chilly soon and there is nothing wrong with the desire to cover ourselves in leather. And, of course, if you find the high heel a “dishonourable” fashion undertaking in this case, you could put on a pair of flat boots and enjoy this trend quite freely.

In order to convince you of the practical side of the high-up-to-the-sky boots, we chose girls’ photos which will shatter your hitherto existing prejudices about these must-have fashion treasures. It is not a secret that celebrities are in love with them. Probably it has attracted your attention how Heidi Klum is wearing a suede pair, labelled Emilio Pucci, and Miley Cyrus and Rihanna keep appearing in them for a second fall season now.

Text: Stefy Stoeva

Photos: Press

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