At the moment Milan is hosting some of the most beautiful events not only in terms of fashion. Max Mara’s show, which we had exclusive access to, takes us to a series of contradictions. Culture and counterculture, notes and notifications, disciples and followers… Max Mara has always been a brand symbolising the strong woman, the one who knows no boundaries and lives her dreams. But she sticks to one particular type of uniform and doesn’t allow herself any frivolity. Because sometimes self-expression has no place in the image of the “Working Girl”.

Forty years later, it seems like the atmosphere from the dusty night clubs where the real magic used to happen is coming back to life. Today, the woman who is loyal to Max Mara requires success both from herself and from others. She dresses like a mistress, because she is one. She wears an unbuttoned coat that seems to be screaming “Don’t mess with me!” from kilometres away. The classics should not be conservative, but feminine, glamorous and constantly reinvented. Max Mara offers us the most miraculous mixture of it all: our favourite iconic beige, teddy bear coats, leopard prints, fringes, bright pink, punk elements. All this is served on the inevitable stiletto and garnished with cat-eye sunglasses (yes, because it’s sexy!). And no, Max Mara does not offer luxury, because this is a lazy word. It offers much more. A woman wearing a coat by the brand starts behaving like a star. And she becomes one.

We had the chance to explore Max Mara’s new collection, which was presented during Milan Fashion Week. We are offering you exclusive shots and plenty of street style ideas which are more than inspirational!

Backstage shots… where the magic happens!

The collection…

And more than magnificent street style…

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Max Mara

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