At first glance, Justin O’Shea looks like he has just come out of a Guy Ritchie gangster film: blond beard, slicked-back hair and an elegant suit, out of whose sleeves you could see his tattooed hands. No, he is neither an actor nor a model, but artistry and fashion are definitely running in his veins.

He can hardly remain unnoticed when he is in the street, let alone during one of the fashion weeks. Specifically, when he is in the company of his girlfriend – Veronika Heilbrunner. The two of them are photographers’ favourites and they are often to be seen in fashion magazines and websites. We have chosen seven of the photographs which have captured Justin’s elegant presence in the streets of London, Milan and Paris.

Justin is a fashion salesman and a street style star, and quite recently he terminated his contract as a creative director of the fashion brand Brioni (only six months after being hired). It is true that O’Shea doesn’t have particularly significant experience with creating men’s suits, but he is considerably experienced in wearing and selling them. His fashion mission – bringing back the glamour and elegance of men’s suits.

The first collection by O’Shea for Brioni, which is also going to remain in history as his last one, was presented in July within Paris Fashion Week. Up until then, he had successfully been occupying the position of global fashion director at the online retailer MyTheresa.

Text: Fashion Inside

Photos: Press

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