An amazing summer is ahead of us! Are you ready for it with the appropriate accessories? Actually, is there anything more elegant and classic than a silk scarf? A small square scarf, perfect for tying around the neck, ankle or hair. With graphic patterns or vivid colours. Elegant and bearing the label of Chanel, Hermès or Gucci. A scarf that never goes out of fashion. We repeat: never. Just fold, wrap and tie. Easy like child’s play.

Fold the scarf in two, so as to get a triangle. Do so again, folding the upper part of the triangle towards the middle. Fold again to get a band. Here are five elegant ways for you to wear your favourite silk scarf…

Around the neck

Wrap a small scarf around your neck and tie a knot. If the scarf is bigger, wrap it twice and then tie.

On your ankle

Tie the scarf twice around your ankle and tie a knot. You are definitely going to look unique and attract the attention to those trendy distressed jeans and elegant flat shoes, which the scarf matches perfectly.

On your handbag

Wrap the scarf around the hand strap of your handbag and either tie a knot or let hang in a loose bow.

Instead of a belt

In case the scarf is big enough to wrap it around your waist, sneak it into one or two of the belt loops of your trousers, on one side of them and then tie a knot.

Around your head

Fold the big scarf in a triangle, wrap it around your head, and tie it on one side. It looks very elegant even if you add a hat on top. Do not be afraid to experiment!

Text: Fashion Inside

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