Her name is Halima Aden. She wears braces and she never parts with her hijab, but this certainly does not prevent her from having in just a few weeks all the eyes in the fashion world fixed onto her beautiful face.

Her name became famous at the beginning of last year thanks to the hype which she unleashed with her participation in the Miss Minnesota USA beauty pageant. She is the first participant in a contest of such a rank who appears in a hijab every round. Even during the swimwear round she shows up in a special burkini. She reaches the semi-final, but huge success for her is yet to begin. This girl was born to write history at times that are difficult for Muslims in America, and she has now become one of the icons of her generation.

Halima is an American with Somali origins. She was born in a refugee camp in Kenya and spent the first six years of her life there.

“I had never dreamed of having a career as a model. Actually, I never thought that someone, wearing a hijab, could become a model. I hope to serve as an example to all Muslim girls, showing them that they are already part of the fashion world”, shares Halima herself and adds, “I believe that being different is beautiful.”

Apparently, Ivan Bart, the president of one of the most renowned model agencies – IMG Models – believes so, too, because he chooses to risk and sign a contract with his first model, who will be wearing a hijab during each of her professional sessions – namely Halima, of course.

Carine Roitfeld is also fascinated by her appearance and spirit so much as to photograph her for the latest tenth issue of her own fashion magazine – CR Fashion Book – and she describes the model as inspirational: “She is breaking beauty stereotypes with her confidence.”

Literally days after she joins IMG Models, Halima is already a part of the cast of models with whom Kanye West presents his new collection and the event is part of the New York Fashion Week.

A drastic change in the setting with a flight to Italy follows, because Halima is one of the new names to walk for Max Mara and Alberta Ferretti abreast of models like Gigi and Bella Hadid. In fact, it is exactly Bella who welcomes Halima backstage at Alberta Ferretti’s show with the words: “You are great!” We can only agree and continue to follow how the career of this remarkable young lady with such extraordinary fate unfolds.

Text: Alexandra Tosheva

Photos: Press

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