After Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey – two out of the three founders of the iconic band Morcheeba – released a brand new album at the beginning of September, here is their world tour, coming shortly afterwards. Fortunately, Sofia is going to be one of its stops – on the 22nd of November at Hall 3 in the National Palace of Culture. The album, entitled with their first names SKYE | ROSS, is a mixture of unadulterated trip hop, blues and soul and is a natural continuation of the emotions and the energy, gained throughout the innumerable concerts which the two of them were giving all over the world for the past two years. Here is what Skye and Ross shared with Fashion Inside just days before their live performance in Bulgaria’s capital city.

Each of your concerts is a musical journey of its own kind. What are the destination and the itinerary of your performance in Bulgaria now?

This time we are going to present our new album SKYE | ROSS, which sounds quite different and has a different feeling to it (in comparison to Morcheeba’s previous works). The new album is livelier, more organic and its vibration is different. We are going to perform some of our more popular songs and we hope that the crowd in Sofia will like our new songs as much, too.

What did you keep in your heart from your previous visits to our country?

We love the crowd in Sofia! This is our third performance in Bulgaria and that’s why we hope that people will welcome us and support us just like the last two times!

How do you measure your happiness?

Happiness should not be measured, it should be treated carefully.

If love were a song, then it would be…?

We suppose it would be different for everyone… As far as we are concerned, it is simple, gentle and harmonious.

The live performance you are dreaming about?

While people like our music, it is a dream come true to us, when they sing together with us at our concerts and have fun, no matter where or how.

Text: Veliana Simeonova

Photos: Press

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