A dazzling smile. Striking charisma and a unique balance between masculinity and gentlemanliness. We are staring at Hugh Jackman, wondering how he is doing it. Exceptionally charming, the Australian actor definitely knows how to disturb our dreams. With his roles. In life, he has been walking together with his wife for 21 years now. But we are going to come back to this a bit later.

We are a little sad with the fact that this talent for acting, who is so multifaceted in his different characters, continues to stay in history for his role as the wolverine in the X-Men series, despite having a lot of other roles which are equally impressive. But, on the other hand, we cannot deny the fact that the sex appeal and masculinity, which suit him so well, are most apparent in this exact character.

Born in Sydney, the actor is the youngest of five children, brought up by a single father after their mother leaves them. This does not stop Hugh from graduating successfully at the University of Technology in his home city. His first roles on stage are parts of several musicals in Melbourne, which opens up his way to more serious acting projects.

His hypnotic gaze is everywhere. And we are ready to watch him no matter where. The Australian chooses his roles carefully and it is not by chance that for some of them he receives a host of highly valued prizes. The Oscar and the BAFTA are the only ones that are missing in his collection of prestigious awards, but we are quite convinced that there is still time for them, too. His classic personifications of a proud gentleman from past centuries also suit his imposing figure and aristocratic appearance. His team work with Meg Ryan in Kate and Leopold, Les Misérables and Australia.

Whether it is the complete opposite of his characters on stage, or it is a logical continuation of the values that he upholds on the screen – about the true love and eternal togetherness between two people – Hugh Jackman continues to be a faithful husband and a good father of two children. The love between him and Deborra-Lee Furness sparks at the film set of the Australian series Correlli in 1995. Twelve months later they are already a family, regardless of the fact that Deborra is 13 years older than he is. Even now the two of them have a truly harmonious relationship. And Hugh’s profile on Instagram is swarming with photos of his everyday activities outside the film set, including even ironing and other husband duties.

We are quite sure that soon Hugh Jackman is going to present himself to the world in a perfectly different light once again. At least this is what we can tell by the projects that he is working on at the moment. December is the month when they are planning to release The Greatest Showman and until then we could leave you with some of our favourite photo shoots, where the actor is literally filling up the entire space with sex appeal and masculinity.

Text: Ivayla Vlahova

Photos: Press

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