We continue presenting you with the inspirers of the genius of the fashion world Karl Lagerfeld, all of whom have left a permanent mark with their names and their faces in the history of the fashion house of Chanel.
Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis

The French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis has been collaborating with the Keiser since 1991, when she started doing advertisements for the fragrance Coco. In 2005 she is the face of the brand’s handbags – Mademoiselle, and in 2010 she becomes the muse for the French brand’s new lipstick – Rouge Coco.
“We have known each other for more than 20 years and I adore the time we spend together. Each time we meet I keep my eyes and ears wide open so that I don’t miss a single word from him. I truly love Karl a lot, he is one of my closest friends”, Vanessa says about Lagerfeld, and she rarely misses a show by the French fashion house.

Gemma Ward

The Australian model is not only the youngest model ever featured on the cover of Vogue, but her delicate air and heavenly gaze managed to take fashion dolls down the catwalk. Gemma has been participating in Lagerfeld’s fashion shows countless times, and for his editorial in Harper’s Bazaar she successfully herself into the image of Brigitte Bardot. Despite the fact that she stepped down from the fashion world in 2008, Gemma embarked on her career as an actress and returned to the catwalk for Prada’s spring/summer 2015 fashion show.

Inès de La Fressange

The French aristocrat and fashion legend is one of Lagerfeld’s first muses. In the 80s her exceptional elegance and her infectious smile help her become the first model to ever sign an exclusive contract with Chanel. After the climax of her modelling Inès became a successful fashion designer and she recently started her own blog, which reflects her unique French style. In spite of the fact that in 1989 Inès and Lagerfeld went their separate ways, they reunited again in 2011 when the fashion icon appeared in Chanel’s spring/summer collection.

Stella Tennant

Lagerfeld was one of the first who recognised Stella’s haunting appearance and made her the face of Chanel. Her extraordinary and androgynous look corresponds perfectly to her strong personality, which the Keiser captured in innumerable images. Stella left the fashion world in 1998, but returned to participate in the photo shoot for Chanel’s spring/summer 2002 campaign.

Linda Evangelista

She is one of the original supermodels and probably the most recognisable of them all, as she became the icon of the 90s. Linda and Lagerfeld start working together in 1985 and she continues to inspire him for years on end with constant changes in her look and her renowned style. In 2003 Linda was Chanel’s bride, and in 2012 Lagerfeld chose her for the eyewear collection of the French fashion brand.

Claudia Schiffer

It was absolutely impossible for the German model, whose face and appearance definitely remind us of Brigitte Bardot, to remain unnoticed for the fashion world and it was only a matter of time before Lagerfeld declared her the new face of Chanel. Some time ago Claudia confessed in front of Vogue that the Keiser is one of her mentors and their collaboration in Chanel provided the basis for her achievements later in the fashion industry. In 2011 Schiffer was selected as the face of Chanel’s fall/winter 2011 eyewear collection and she still keeps posing for Lagerfeld’s photo sessions.

Saskia de Brauw

Lagerfeld notices the uniqueness of the Dutch model’s androgynous look and makes Saskia the face of Chanel for 2012. Her unconventional beauty resonates with her extraordinary personality as Saskia has studied art in Amsterdam. She has been shot by Lagerfeld for numerous Chanel advertising campaigns, magazine covers and editorials.

Freja Beha Erichsen

The combination of inimitable style, loads of tattoos and her European charm turned Freja into the “Queen of Cool” in the fashion industry. She has participated in a series of campaigns for Chanel and has been shot by Lagerfeld for Pirelli’s unique 2011 calendar. Together with some other of the Keiser’s muses, Freja participates in the film The Tale of a Fairy, written and directed by the fashion guru.

Julianne Moore

The 2011 Pirelli calendar, whose author is Karl Lagerfeld, is dedicated to Greek mythology. This time Lagerfeld’s muse is actress Julianne Moore, who takes up the role of goddess Hera. Their collaboration, however, does not stop there. For Chanel’s fall/winter 2015/16 fashion show, instead of sitting in the front row as is usually the case with the rest of their shows, Julianne Moore walks the runway, clad in an elegant dress by the French fashion house. Bearing all this in mind, it is probably not a coincidence that the actress received her Oscar in Chanel.

Being Karl Lagerfeld’s Muse (Part One)

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